Name: Zap
Alters: Zoe St.John


Character Type: Mutant
Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Occupation: Theif
Legal Status: Minor
Wealth: 0 why work when you can take what you want?
Savings: Banks suck, always getting robbed
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 90lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Lt Blue
Build: Slender
Disposition: Fiesty
Bloodtype: A-
Place of Birth: NCY
Date of Birth: Febuary 5
Group Affiliation: Cardiac's Club
Base of Operations: Atlantic City
Race: Caucasion
Marital Status: Single
Marriage Date: N/A
Known Relatives: Bradley
Romantic Interest: Yes
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Handedness: Left
Date Created: 1994

Known Powers:
Teleportation and Elecrticity

Known Advantages:
Zap is a skilled knife fighter as well as being able to remember everything she experiances. Not to mention she could be a supermodel one day if she ever outgrows her goth punk look.

Known Disadvantages:
Zap is trouble, she is into drugs, drink and guys and she's is under age and if anyone tries to tell her that they wind up smoking. She is seriously into the bad things life has to offer. She has been seen partying with the likes of Two-Fast.

Zoe has always been the trouble maker. An angry child her pension for lashing out grew worse when her powers developed. Her parents focused more and more on their older child until he left home and a few months later was reportedly killed in an accident that consumed his body. This broke their parents and they soon died leaving a very young Zoe on her own. She didn't waste anytime leaving town. One her own for once with no one to tell her what to do she wasn't about to let the social workers show up and ruin it for her. Zoe fled to Canada where she hid out in a small town for awhile mastering her powers. She would teleport to whatever major city she was robbing, hit a bank or two and head back to her new home. This lasted about a year before the new kid ruined it all. Kyle moved into town and quickly took a liking to Zoe. She thought he was also pretty cool and they started hanging out. that lasted up until the day the suits arrived to take Kyle away. He managed to escape but the suits then came after Zoe. So she left and began traveling the world. She isn't quite sure what town she first ran into Two-Fast in but they hit it off right off the bat.She continued traveling till one day she walked into an Atlantic City Casino and met the owner.....

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