Name: NitenClaw


Alter: Xianira Mirumoto

Player: DJ


Motivation: Thrill of Adventure/Responsibity of Power

Occupation: Student

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 105lbs

Hair: Black and Red streaks

Eyes: Jade Green

Build: Dynamite

Personality: Curious/Boisterous

Race: Mystic Felinoid

Gender: Female

Bloodtype: Red

Orientation: Umm, get back to you

Handedness: Both

Nationality: Japanese/Rokugani

Date of Birth:

Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Group Affiliation: None Currently

Base of Operations: Boarding School

Legal Status: Curiously Legal wherever she is.. the odds?

Marital Status: Single! Sheesh lemme date 

Romantic Interest: Ummm working on that

Marriage Date: Doubt Dad would let me

Known Relatives: Xion Mirumoto (Father), Iria Estes (Mother)


DEX:  9

STR:  7

BOD:  8

INT:  9

WIL:  9

MIN:  7

INF:  9

AUR: 11

SPI: 11




Shapechange: 11*(tiger/hybrid: Mys link), Force Manipulation: 18**(form weapons only)

Superspeed: 9*, Regeneration: 11*(Myslink), Detect Shadowtaint: 9*

Magic Sense: 9*, Fabricate: 11* (Serious Burnout)


Martial Artist: 9*, Occultist: 9*, Gadgetry:11*, Acrobatics: 9*, Charisma: 9*

Artist: 9* (Actor, Musician, Dancer), Scientist: 11*


Mystic Background, Attractive, Ambidexterious, Scholar: Niten Style (dual wield Katana, Wakizashi)

Scholar: Gramaton Style (Dual wield Pistol and something else), Lightning Reflexes, 

Iron Nerves, Misc: No fear like evah (Fear effects are met with curiousity or intense concern)

Magician's Code, Misc: Technomage


Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Age: Young (18), Misc: parents baggage

Dark Secret: Heritage, Serious Attraction: magi-tech, Innocent

Serious Mannerism: Pretending to be worldly , Minor Mannerism: Bushido

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