Name: Vestia

Alter: Helena

Player: Kennidee

Created: 1/20/16

Motivation: Reponse of Seeking Justice Power

Occupation: Part Time Cook

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 135lbs

Hair: Curly Dark Red

Eyes: Brown

Build: Fit/Trim

Personality: Angry Latina

Race: Heinz 57

Gender: Female


Orientation: Hetero

Handedness: Right

Nationality: Floridian

Date of Birth: 8/2/95

Place of Origin: Miami, Fl

Group Affiliation:

Base of Operations: Miami, Fl

Legal Status: US Citizen w/ Misdemeanors

Marital Status: Single

Romantic Interest:

Marriage Date:

Known Relatives: Sister (Adrianna, Mother, Step Father

DEX: 9 STR: 5 BOD: 7

INT: 7 WIL: 9 MIN: 9

INF: 7 AUR: 7 SPI: 5

Initiative: 27 Wealth:


Fire Control: 9*

Pyrotechnics: 9*

Flame Immunity: 7*

Flame Being: 9* (No Visible Effect, Hands only, Mental Link)


Martial Artist: 9*

Acrobatics: 9*

Thief: 9* (Stealth)

Military Science: 7*

Medicine: 7* (First Aid, Triage)

Charisma: 7*

Detective: 7*


Intensive training, Attractive, Lightning Reflexes, Sharp Eye, Steady Hands, Gift of Gab

Prof Rhythms of Life, Scholar: Brazillain Jujitsu, Area Knowledge: Miami, Scholar: Spanish derivatives

Scholar: Cooking, Misc: Natural Connection to Sister (always has general direction, health and emotional status)


Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Secret ID, Serious Hatred: Gangbangers, Catastrophic Hatred: Rapists

Traumatic Flashbacks, Guilt, Serious Rage: Sister in Danger, Serious Mannerism: Protecting her Sister

Ward: Diabled Psychic Sister (Adrianna), Msc: -2CS vs Sister’s Mental Abilities

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