Tiffany Daimons Edit

Alter Ego: Onyx
Motivation: Seeking Justice


Legal Status: US Citizen
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 150
Wealth: 7 150K yearly
Savings: 5K
Hair Color: blue-black
Eye Color: blue
Build: Strong and muscular in a feminine way
Bloodtype: O+
Disposition: mischievious
Place of Business: Hunter, Inc.
Base of Operations:Kansas City
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Kansas City, Mo
Character Type: Felinoid, Panther
Race: asian/caucasian mix
Marital Status: single
Marriage Date: June 2007
Known Relatives: Bagheera (Father)
Romantic Interest:
Sexual Orientation: hetro
Handedness: right
Groups Affiliation: None

Song Influences:


"Fear: by Sarah McLachlan

Attributes: Edit

Dextarity: 12
Strength: 9
Body: 7
Intelegence: 11
Will: 6
Mind: 6
Influence: 5
Aura: 9
Spirit: 7

Inititive: 40 Edit

Powers: Edit

Danger Sense: 11*
Claws: 11*
Jumping: 9*
Analytical Smell: 11*
Extra Limb: 9*
Coloration: 6*
Superspeed: 12*
Warp: 11

Skills: Edit

Acrobatics: 12
Animal Handling (Animal Training): 5
Charisma: 7
Detective: 11
Martial Artist: 12
Military Science (Danger Recog, Tracking): 11
Thief (Escape Artist, Stealth): 12
Weapondry (firearms and melee): 4

Advantages: Edit

Lightning Reflexes
Sharp Eye
Dragon Choker

Disadvantage: Edit

Arch Enemy x4
Public Identity
Traumatic Flashbacks
Dark Secret: Bagheera's Unknown Daughter
Serious Irrational Fear (Being alone)
Serious Irrational Attraction (Shiney things)
Serious Irrational Attraction (Powerful Felines)
Serious Irrational Fear (Relationships)
Serious Sexual Attraction (male felinoids)
Minor Irrational Hatred (Daddy)
Minor Berserk Rage
Authority Figure
Exile: Involuntary

Dragon Choaker from Caleb: Edit

Thin blue metalic choker with a small dragon on the front with saphires for eyes
Body: 2
Reliability: 2
EV: 1
Energy Absorbtion: 9 : Motion Friction Only
Reflection/Deflection: 9