Alter: Ezekiana, (or more commonly) Lilith
Motivation: Seeking Justice


Wealth: 0
Income: N/A
Savings: No need, Club takes care of you
Height: varies
Weight: varies
Hair: varies
Eyes: varies
Build: varies
Bloodtype: Blue (diablian)
Race: Diablian in hiding
Character Type: Diablian sorceress
Base of Operations: London England (Moonfire Bar)
Group Affiliation: Contessa of Hellfire Club
Marital status: Single
Romantic Interest: TBA
Sexual Orientation:
Handedness: Ambi
Known Relatives: Purgatory (Cousin)

Attributes: Edit

Dex: 7
Str: 4
Body: 7
Int: 9
Will: 9
Mind: 9
Inf: 11
Aura: 13
Spirit: 13

Initiative: 25 Edit

Powers Edit

Magic Sense: 11*
Chameleon: 7*
Exorcism: 11*
Remote Sensing: 13*(ML)
Claws: 4
Extra Limb: 4*(tail)
Spirit Drain: 11*
Infra Vision: 9*

Skills Edit

Acrobatics: 7*
Occultist: 11*
Charisma: 11*
Artist: Acting 11*

Advantages: Edit

Scholar: Artifact Construction,
Gift of Gab,
Rich Family/Friends,
Insta Change,
Connection-High (Hellfire Club),
Mystic Background.

Disadvantages: Edit

Arch Enemy x4,
Traumatic Flashbacks: Losing wings, and having Magic sealed away.
Serious Attraction: Finding the means to Fly again.
Serious Attraction: Being Bitten
Catastrophic Mannerism: Playing along with the Hellfire club until you've fully recovered.
Exile-Forced (Tarterus), Catastrophic Fear - Facing the vengence of Azmodeus
Guilt- Aiding in the Coup against the King in Tarterus
Public ID
Minor Allergy - Sunlight -1CS to all actions while eyes are unprotected in open daylight.

Brief history: Edit

After aiding your queen in dethroning her husband Asmodeus and banishing him to earth, you set about establishing your own powerbase so that you could better serve the rest of your race in returning to a state of grace. Unbeknownst to you, the Queen was a lying wretch who only wanted the throne to increase her personal power, having no intension of keeping her word of returning your people to their former glory.
Voicing your displeasure in hopes that your long time friend would return to a measure of sanity; earned you her undying wrath and she made an example of you as to what would happen to any who disobeyed her.
Physically removing your wings, and sealing away the bulk of your mystic >might, much like she did to your cousin Purgatory, you were banished to the earthrealm.
For years since, you've tied your lot in with the Hellfire Club, an egocentric gathering of ancient and powerful vampires in London England, hoping their powerplays and resources will allow you to reclaim your magical power, and aid you in finding a way to restore your ability to fly. At the simple cost of regular feedings from your enriched diablian blood.
You've become a powerful tool in their bid for leverage on one another in their ancient game, your ability to see things at a distance, and the invigorating effect your blood holds on them insures they will keep you healthy and fit until your time for vengence comes.
Your only regret, betraying your King who, while he had no asperations of returning the Diablians to their former Angelic glory, did at least care for his people and went out of their way to protect them. Waves of fear wash through you everytime you hear of his musical band heading into Europe, for you are certain his wrath against you would be violent and all encompassing.