The Assassins' Guild: Murder for Hire: A league of terrifying gentlemen, this group is nothing more than an elite cadre of the most talented killers on the planet. From the stylish to the vulgar, someone in their ranks will fit the bill. Needless to say, with them money talks and BS gets you killed.

Under new leadership, the Guild is attempting to return to it's roots of playing the balancing act of society, time will tell.

Leader: Edit

Dark Chair: Edit

  • Vacant

Chairs: Edit

  • Recluse (Technology/Gear)
  • Vacant (Formerly Agent 187)
  • Hope (Mysticism)
  • Smokeglide (War, Infiltration)
  • Vacant (Recruitment)
  • Shadowstep (Transport)
  • Rashel (Cartels)
  • Vacant (Intel)
  • Candice (Airborne Operations)
  • Vacant (Psychic Defenses)
  • Vacant (Security)
  • Dagen Perth (Loyalties)

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