Name: Stigmata

Alter: Esme

Created: 6/25/2017


Occupation: Former Arena Fighter

Height: 6’2”


Hair: Grey

Eyes: multi-hued

Skin: Greyish

Race: Noble Vampire, Diablian

Build: Athletically slim


Gender: Female

Blood type: unique


Handedness: Ambi

Nationality: Romanian?

Date of Birth: unknown

Place of Origin: unknown

Group Affiliation: Seraxin Arena

Base of Operations:

Legal Status: Slave-Freed?

Marital Status: Single

Romantic Interest:

Known Relatives: Unknown

Short Bio:  Stigmata recently arrived on earth with a crew of others to hunt the escape arena fighter M’Lynx. Unfortunately their ship was attacked by the Imperial Galleon that is under the control of the Queen of Canada. Stigmata was able to avoid the magical attack but her ship and shipmates were not as lucky. Upon crashing to earth she encountered Lash and a few of the Paladin crew.

Stigmata is a tall slender female with a wire and whipcord build. Her large feathered wings are mostly pure white but shade into a grey that matches her hair towards the tips. She usually wears a type of armor that is easy to move quickly in and does not interfere with her wings. Under the armor her skin is covered in tattoo like markings, thorny chains down each limb with depictions of betray in the middle of battle, mostly faceless fighters being impaled from behind.

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