Name: Siam

Alter: Kristoff Attellan
Player: DJ
Created: 1/1/2016

Dex: 10
Str: 12
Body: 13
Int: 10
Mind: 13
Inf: 10
Initiative: 46

As/Ts: 10*
Aura of Serenity/Menace:10*
Empathy: 10*
Emotion Drain:10*(dex/str/will)
Force Field: 13*
Danger Sense: 10*
Shapechange: 8**(limited form)
Superspeed: 10*
Mind Blank: 13*
Mind Blast: 16*(Reflexive)
Telekinesis: 16*

NOTES: Claws are ranged with no visible effect, linked to TK, Mindblast triggers when involuntarily contacted telepathically. Sensation is having sharp talons taken to one's mind.

Acrobatics: 10*
Animal Handle: 10*
Charisma: 10*
Artist: 10*
Martial Artist: 10*
Military Science:(Track/Danger Rec)10*
Weaponry: 10*
Thief: 10*

Attractive, Ambidexterity, Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Sharp Eye, Steady Hands, Reflex Reaction:Nuke invading unapproved telepathic contact or mindprobe with Mindblast. Longevity, Mystic Background, Scholars: ASL, Felinoid Combat, Fine TK Use

Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Dark Secret: Bagheera and Mime's Son Age: Young 18 years, Serious Attraction: Exotic Curvy Women Serious Attraction: Learning about his Past, Minor Rage Catastrophic Mannerism: Highly protective of loved ones, Minor Hatred: Idle Banter Distinct Appearance: Siamese Pathher in Catlike Forms, different colored eyes. Dark Secret: Stolen by "TimeMaster"in alternate timeline. and sold into service for Power Serious Sexual Attraction: Attractive women with large breasts.

Motivation: Anti Heroic Responsibility of Power
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250lbs
Hair: Black with white streaking
Eyes: Left ice blue/Right jade green
Build: Lanky and Wiry(Still growing)
Personality: Quiet/Mischievious
Bloodtype: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Felinoid/Mutant
Orientation: Whatever feels good
DOB: ?
Place of Origin: ?
Group Affil: ?
Base of Operation: ?
Legal Status:
Marital Status: LoL
Romantic Interest: Those are nice!
Marriage Date: LoLoLoLoL!!!
Known Relatives: HeHeHeHeHe!!!
Handedness: Both and stuff.
Cash on Hand:

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