Name:Kragar Killspite
Alters: Shadorn


Character Type: Dimensional Transplant/Tech Aided
Motivation: Psychopathic
Occupation: Merc
Legal Status: None
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 245lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Build: Wiry
Disposition: Methodically Gleeful
Bloodtype: 40W
Place of Birth: Seattle 2052
Date of Birth:
Group Affiliation: MiB currently
Base of Operations:
Race: Elf
Marital Status:
Marriage Date:
Known Relatives:
Romantic Interest: Zeta cause she isn't boring
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Handedness: Ambidexterous

Attributes: Edit

Dextarity: 16
Strength: 10
Body: 13
Intelegence: 7
Will: 10
Mind: 6
Influence: 9
Aura: 11
Spirit: 5

Inititive: 52 Edit

Powers: Edit

Claws: 16
Danger Sense: 11
Detect: 15 (Add IPC;s 1)
Directional Hearing: 7
Full Vision: 7
Infra Vision: 7
Jumping: 10
Mind over Matter: 6
Radio Communication: 12 (Scrambled)
Recall: 15
Running: 7
Skin Armor: 3 (Always On)
Superspeed: 16 (Reflexes and info aquisition Only)
Telescopic Vision: 7
Truesight: 10
Ultra Vision: 7

Skills: Edit

Acrobatics: 16
Charisma: 9
Martial Artist: 16
Military Science: 7
Thief; 16
Weapondry: 16

Advantages: Edit

Iron Nerves
Lightning Reflexes
Scholar: two weapon Fighting
Sharp Eye

Disadvantage: Edit

Arch Enemy x4
Attack Vulnerability (Magnetics, -3 Column Shifts)
Dark Secret
Exile: Involuntary
Cat Manerism (must be symmetrical with all attire and weapons)
Cat Physical Restriction (Cyborg)
Cat Rage (normal)
Traumatic Flashbacks