Name: Sentinel                Alter: Gregory Aldren Player: DJ                

Dex: 13            Str: 13            Body: 13 Int: 9            Will:11            Mind: 11 Inf: 9            Aura:13            Spirit:9

Initiative: 33                Wealth: 9

POWERS Force Field:(ML) 13* Flight: 13*   Regeneration: 11* Enchantment: 13*(Blades only)  Magic Blast:13*(channeled) 

SKILLS  Weaponry:(No Heavy)13* Acrobatics: 5 Detective: 9* Military Sci: 9* Charisma: 9* Occultist: 9*

ADVANTAGES: Attractive, Lightning Reflexes, Ambidexterity, Sharp Eye, Prof RoL, Mystic Background, Leadership, Scholar: Bladed Combat Iron Nerves, Artifact: Adamantus (Claymore) Body: [18] AV: 13 EV: 13 Disintegration: 13, Warp 1 (wielder only), Chameleon: 7

DISADVANTAGES: Authority Figure, Magician's Code, Arch Enemy x4, Public Id, Dark Secret: (Trained with the Magic Council) Serious Attraction: Protecting the sanctity of Magic, Serious Attraction: Training the next generation of Guardians Catastrophic Hatred: Those who abandon the Code. Minor Attraction: Attractive Determined Women. Serious Mannerism: Code of Honor.

Motivation: Responsibility of Power        Gender: Male Height: 6'2"        Weight: 210lbs        Hair: Brown        Eyes:Blue Build: Fit and Muscular        Disposition: Stern and observant Group Affiliation: Centerpointe

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