Name: Rober Ambersworth Jr.            Alter:Crytpic Player: DJ(NPCish)                Created:

Dex: 7            Str: 4            Body: 7 Int: 7            Will:9            Mind: 7 Inf: 10            Aura:11            Spirit:9

Initiative: 26            Wealth: 7

POWERS:   Darkness: 11*(ML)   Force Manip:11*(ML)   Full Vision:(darkness only)7*  Emotion Drain:(hope)10*   Power Reserve:11*(Feeds Aura)  Flight:10*(ML)

Notes: All powers but full vision Mystic Linked, Emotion Drain fuels Power Reserve. Flight is subconciou control and has visible effect of black limbs appearing to assist with endeavors.

SKILLS: Thief: 7* Charisma: 10* Occultist: 5 Vehicles:(no space)7* Acrobatics: 9

ADVANTAGES: Attractive, Mystic Background, Proficient in Rythmns of Life, Misc: Immun to Lifesense attempts, Scholar: Parkour, Rich Family/Friends Conniseur, Scholar: Egyptian language and mythos. Lightning Reflexes.

DISADVANTAGES: Mistrust, Arch Enemy x4, Dark Secret(Soul binds part of B'lial) Serious Hunted, Serious Psych Instability: Darkness taking over in times of stress. Serious Fear: Angels, Serious Mannerism: Leeching Hope around him. Serious Attraction: Diablian Females.

Motivation: Unwanted Power            Gender: Male Height: 6'0"                    Weight: 180lbs Hair: Black                    Eyes: Hazel Build: Athletic                    Disposition: Chipper/Sarcastic Handedness: right                Bloodtype: Classified Date of Birth: 6/6/96                Place of Birth: Cairo Egypt Group Affiliation: Centerpointe            Place of Business: Baton Rouge, LA Legal status: English/American citizen        Marital Status: Single Romantic Interest:                Marriage Date: n/a Known Relatives: Reginal and Megan Ambersworth (Parents Deceased)

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