Name: Raskel

Alter: Rachel “Raz” Mancinni

Created: 06/2017


Occupation: Street Fighter

Height: 5’10”


Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Skin: tanned

Race: Mutant/Elemental

Build: Muscular

Personality: Outgoing

Gender: Female

Blood type: B-

Orientation: Hetero

Handedness:  Left

Nationality: Italian?

Date of Birth: unknown

Place of Origin: Unknown

Group Affiliation: The Lost Generation

Base of Operations: The Cradle

Legal Status: unknown Minor

Marital Status: Single

Romantic Interest: N/A

Known Relatives: Grifter (Brother)

Short Bio:  Raskel likes trouble, fighting is her favorite vice but she will do just about anything for a thrill. Very little bothers her not even the irritating hiccup in her memory or the sense something happened and she shouldn’t be here. Oh well, Uncles not around to lay down the law so party time until someone does show up to stop the fun.

Raz wears he black hair longer, though it shows recent signs of having been hacked to its current shoulder length. She tries to dye it but the colors fade within a day and she hasn’t managed to scrap together the funds for serious piercing or tats yet, nor managed to win the argument with her brother over the idea.

She likes to wear clothing she can move in and provides both protection and distraction to her opponents. Her style is unconventional to say the least but she really likes to kick so heavy heeled boots are a must along with padding at the elbows and knees. Hell she makes getting their ass kicked look good.

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