Name: Tarisson Creed, Shawn Walls
Alters: Rabid
Character Type: Mutant


Motivation: Unwanted Power
Occupation: Wanderer
Legal Status: US Citizen w/Criminal record
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet
Build: Athletic Gymnast
Disposition: Kind, Intense
Bloodtype: B-
Place of Birth:Cairo, Egypt
Date of Birth: Unknown
Group Affiliation: Ancient Guardians
Base of Operations: Varies
Race: Caucasian
Marital Status:Single
Marriage Date:
Known Relatives: Unknown Child
Romantic Interest: Pick a Number, literally
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Handedness: Both
Date Created:

Attributes: Edit

Dex: 13
Str: 13
Bod: 13
Int: 7
Will: 11
Mind: 7
Infl: 9
Aura: 9
Spirit: 9

Inititive: 33 Edit

Powers: Edit

Aura of Desire: 13*(Females only)

Aura of Rage: 13* (Males only)

Emotion Drain: 13*

Claws: 13*

Skin Armor: 13*

Jumping: 13*

Cling: 13*

Sealed Systems: 13*

Invulnerability: 13* (All 3 to Pos)

Empathy: 11*

Comprehend Languages: 7*

Skills: Edit

Charisma: 9*

Martial Artist: 13* (Amnesia)

Acrobatics: 13*

Artist: 9* (Actor, Dancer, Writer)

Survival: 7*

Thief: 13*(Stealth)

Advantages: Edit

Attractive, Ambidex, Lt. Reflexes, Iron Nerves, Sharp Eye, Longevity, 

Guardian Hibernation(Misc), Scholar: sexual performance, interrogation, lying

High Connection: Tomar, Colmes, Ozzy.  Low Connection: Gadget and Gizmo

Disadvantage: Edit

Arch Enemyx4, Mistrust, Secret Id, Dark Secret: Mount Guardian

Misc: Persistant Phermones(Takes completely sealed systems to avoid)

Serious Fear: Large groups of women, Minor Berserk Rage: Harming a woman purposefully.

Catastrophic Rage, Traumatic Flashbacks, Guilt.

Dark Secret: Mixed Eternal/Serpentpyre Heritage