Name: Jeff Hartt
Character Name : Quang Tora


Alter Egos: Shadow Cat
Character Type: Felinoid
Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Occupation: none
Legal Status: Chineese Citizen
Wealth: 1 : 2,500 year
Height: 6 '
Weight: 214
Hair: Blue Black
Eyes: Crystal Jade Green
Build: Muscular/Agile
Disposition: Serious
Bloodtype: o +
Place of Birth: china
Date of Birth: 18 years ago
Group Affiliation: none
Base of Operations: china
Race: Felinoid
Marital Status: Single
Marriage Date: n/a
Romantic Interest: none yet
Sexual Orientation: Felinoid females
Known Relatives: father- Bagheera
Handedness: right
Date Created: 20060315

Known Powers:

Known Advantages:

Known Disads: