Alter: Pat

Player: Jarrod (Brimstone)

Created: 6/22/15

Motivation: Responsibility of Power

Occupation: Security

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 250lbs

Hair: Red

Eyes: Gold/Green

Build: Adonislike

Personality: Used Car sales

Race: Heh.. umm

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: Unleaded

Orientation: Hetero

Handedness: ambidex

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: Some time ago

Place of Origin: 

Group Affiliation: Brimstone

Base of Operations: Boston

Legal Status: Optional

Marital Status: Never longer then it takes to collect

Romantic Interest: Who's dress is that at the foot of my bed?

Marriage Date: Errmm

Known Relatives:


DEX: 9

STR: 16

BOD: 11

INT: 7

WIL: 10

MIN: 9

INF: 9

AUR: 7

SPI: 9

Initiative: 29

Wealth: 10


Shapechange: 10* (snake,Typhon Beast)

Skin Armor: 11*

Vampirism: 11*

Claws: 9*

Poison Touch: 8*(hl)

Broadcast Empathy: 7*

Invisibility: 9*

Chameleon: 9*


Martial Artist: 9*

Weaponry: 9*

Vehicles: 9*(No space)

Charisma: 9*

Medicine: 7

Occultist: 9* (No Premonition)


Ambidexterity, Lightning Reflexes, Gift of Gab, Free Access, Longevity, Rich Family/Friends

Proficient in the Rhythms of Life. Scholar: Intimidation, High Contacts: Streetgangs in Boston

Low Contacts: Dealers in Boston area


Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Public ID, Dark Secret: Other Loyalties, Traumatic Flashbacks

Fatal Vulnerability: Sunlight 0APs range, Loss Vuln: All powers, skills, motion: Stake in Heart

Serious Mannerism: Territorial over street gangs in his area of influence.

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