Name: Nevaeh Delixe


Created: 06/2017


Occupation: Music Student

Height: 6’0”


Hair: Blue-Black

Eyes: Dark Grey

Skin: White

Race: Diablian/Dragon/Mutant

Build: Slender

Personality: Calm collected

Gender: Female

Blood type: unknown

Orientation: Hetero?

Handedness: Left

Nationality: unknown

Date of Birth: unknown

Place of Origin: unknown

Group Affiliation: The Lost Generation

Base of Operations: The Cradle

Legal Status: Minor

Marital Status: Single

Romantic Interest: N/A

Known Relatives: Azmodious (father) Mime (Mother)

Short Bio:  Nevaeh was first encountered by Jeffery Vega when her school group was attacked by a demon while they were performing at a music theater in Berlin. He quickly decided there was something unusual about the young woman and her tattoos and followed her to NYC where his brother Jeremy found them but as they were traveling to Morgan’s dojo she was kidnapped mid teleport.

Nevaeh is a tall slender beauty that tends to wear her hair partial up in buns to make it look like she has cat ears. Her skin is such a pale while as to almost seem albino which contrast with her dark hair and eyes. She had been covered in a darkstone tattoo that had been binding her powers but when that was removed and her full soul returned they were replaced with the typical Diablian markings of their fall from grace as well as markings of a more draconic nature.

Her Diablian for in contrast is ebony black with strategic scaled armor and gold tattoos and markings.

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