Name: Jared Hellsfire
Alters: Nessus


Character Type: Scientific Mod/Elemental/Dimensionally Displaced
Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Occupation: Elemental Guardian of Universe
Legal Status: None
Wealth: 20
Savings: Don't ask, you'll get depressed
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 400lbs
Hair: blonde w/black and red tint
Eyes: gaslight blue
Build: Muscular bodybuilder
Disposition: Casual aggression
Bloodtype: propane or something flamable
Place of Birth: Mobile Alabama
Date of Birth: 10/24/2578
Group Affiliation: Twist of Fate
Base of Operations: Grand Canyon 500 + years in the future
Race: Flame
Marital Status:
Marriage Date:
Known Relatives:
Romantic Interest: Summer Frost(Snowfire)
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Handedness: Ambidex
Date Created: April of 1994

Attributes: Edit

Dextarity: 10
Strength: 13
Body: 16
Intelegence: 13
Will: 20
Mind: 11
Influence: 13
Aura: 16
Spirit: 13

Inititive: 38 Edit

Powers: Edit

Bomb: 13
Detect: 13
Dimension Travel: 5 (No banish/summon)
Disintegration: 16m
Dispersal: 20 (Partial allowed)
Energy Absorbtion: 16 (always on, usable against one type, add energy reserve)
Flame Being: 13
Flame Control: 13
Flame Immunity: 16
Flame Project: 16m
Flame Being: 16Ms (Lethal, Power always On)
Force Manipulation: 20
Growth: 1 (Fueled by Power Reserve)
Invulnerability: 16 (Always on, no range, Counters Phys, Mental, Mystical)
Neutrallize: 20 (Only Effective Agaoinst Flame Powers)
Power Reserve: 20s (Always On, Fueled by Absorbtion, reserve:3)
Pyrotechnics: 20 (no range)
Regeneration: 20, (Must have access to increadible heat)
Sealed Systems: 16 (Power always on)
Skin Armor: 16
Thermal Vision: 13

Skills: Edit

Charisma(all but Seduction): 1
Gadgetry: 16 Martial Artist:10 medicine: 13 Scientist: 13 Survival: 10 Vehicles:10 Weaponry (exotic and heavy only): 10

Advantages: Edit

Area Knowledge: Galaxy/Dimension
Connection: High Level (The Immortal Fate
Connection: High Level (Twist of Fate)
Connection: Low Level (Lucifer)
Headquarters Expansive
Iron Nerves

Disadvantage: Edit

Arch Enemy x8
Authority Figure
Dark Secret x2
Cat Irrational Attraction (Attractive Flame using Women)
Cat Irrational Attraction (Snowfire)
Serious Irrational Attraction (Basking in the Fire Dimension)
Cat Irrational Fear (Losing Control of his powers again)
Cat Irrational Fear (Melting another planet)
Cat Irrational Hatred (The Black Dragon)
Loss Vulnerability (Within Vaccumn, 5aps, Physical attributes and)
Serious Psychological Instability (Schizophrenic)
Minor Rage (Under incredible frustration
Cat Rage: When sealed in a Vaccum
Serious Rage: Trapped someplace very cold
Traumatic Flashbacks x2
Guilt x2