Menerva (Etruscan goddess of war, art, wisdom and health.)

Identity: Menerva


Alter Ego:
Motivation: Responsibility
Wealth: 13
Occupation: Surgen
Savings: 200K
Place of Business: Oxford University
Base of Operations: Oxford, England
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Oxford, England
Character Type: Mutant
Romantic Interest: None
Groups Affiliation: None
Handedness: Right
Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Dk Blonde
Eye Color: green
Disposition: optimistic
Age: 27
Blood Type: o +
Cash on Hand: $2000
Race: caucasian
Marital Status: single
Sex: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Song Inspirations:

Attributes: Edit

Dextarity: 9
Strength: 3
Body: 13
Intelegence: 10
Will: 12
Influence: 10

Inititive: Edit

Powers: Edit

Damage Transferance: *M 12
Systemic Antidote: *12

Skills: Edit

Charisma (Persuation): 8
Detective (Clue Analysis): 8
Medicine: 14
Scientist: 8

Credentials: Surgen
Headquarters: Confined
Intensive Training; Doctor
Iron Nerves
Proficient in the Rythems of Life
Scholar: Surgery
Scholar: First Aid
Scholar: Medicine
Scholar: Combat Medicine
Steady Hands
Sharp Eye

Disadvantage: Edit

Arch Enemy
Authority Figure
Public Identity
Traumatic Flashbacks: those she couldn't save

skin tight military medic fatigues, only leaving room for plenty of cleavage and hip swaying. It's a light grey color stripped in blues and whites
Hardened and Italicized Body Armor. Body Rating of 12. Also has Radio Communications of 15.

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