Martine Azure Edit

Concept: Mercenary
Caste: Dawn
Anima: Lion
Str: 5
Dex: 5
Stamina: 4
Charisma: 2
Manip: 1
Appearance: 4
Percep: 3
Intell: 2
Wits: 4

Abilities Edit

*Archery: 3
*Martial Arts: 2
*melee (AV7): 5
*Trown: 3
*War: 1
*Integrety: 2
Presence: 1
*Resistance: 4
*Survival: 2
Athletics: 1
Awareness: 1
*Dodge: 4
Stealth: 1
*Ride: 2
*Di Klaive: 3

  • vs. Melee Weapon: 3

Backgrounds: Edit

Artifact- Grand Di Klaive: 6
Resource: 2
Artifact: Lamalar: 1

Advantages: Edit

Second Exellence Melee
Dipping Swallow 2m
Bulwark Stance: 5m
Heavenly Guardian: 4m
Ox Body
Body mending Meditation: 10m
Hungry Tiger: 1m
Fire and Stone Strength: 1m
Solar Counterattack: 3m
Fivefold Bulwark Stance: 5m
Willpower: 7

Virtues: Edit

Compassion: 1
Temperence: 1
Conviction: 4
Valor: 3
Essence: 3

Virtue Flaw: Edit

Heart of Flint
Foolharty Contempt

Merits Edit

Signiture Style: Flashy swordplay 2pt
Ambidexterous 1pt

Flaws Edit

Vice- Conviction: Leadership

Grand Di Klaive of Conquest Edit

Speed +4
Acc + 4
Damage 15L/4
Defence +4
5 Hearth Settings
Unsheethed - 30M
Valor w/+1diff or flee
any who stands ground
- 3 dies
in combat - soldiers need make valor and get +1 dicepool to them

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