Maria Avaramont

Alluring x5 Soothing Voice


Approachable: People from all walks of life find it easy to talk to you, and getting even traumatized or suspicious folks to open up to you doesn't take much effort. You are two traits up on all such social challenges involving normal people or other hunters, and one trait up on appropriate tests when dealing with monsters that still fancy themselves at least somewhat human.

Potent Blood

Affiliation: Revenant: Bratovich Motivation: Compassion Regnant/Guardian: none Nature: Architect Demeanor: Caregiver

Willpower: 2 OO Humanity: 3 OOO Conscience: 3 OOO Self-Control: 3 OOO Courage: 4 OOOO

10 Physical Traits: O Dexterous O Ferocious OOO Graceful x3 O Nimble OOOO Resilient x4 O Shrewd

10 Social Traits: OOOO Alluring x4 OOO Commanding x3 O Empathetic OO Persuasive x2

10 Mental Traits: OO Clever x2 OOO Determined x3 OOO Knowledgeable x3 O Patient

37 Abilities: OOOOO Academics x5 OOO Awareness x3 OOO Empathy x3 OOOOO Etiquette x5 OOO Investigation x3 OOO Leadership x3 OOOOO Linguistics x5 OOOOO Occult x5 OOOOO Politics x5

Supernatural Powers: Disciplines: Fortitude: Endurance (basic) Disciplines: Fortitude: Mettle (basic) Disciplines: Fortitude: Resilience (int.) Disciplines: Fortitude: Resistance (int.) Disciplines: Fortitude: Aegis (adv.) Disciplines: Obtenebration: Shadow Play (basic) Disciplines: Obtenebration: Shroud of Night (basic) Disciplines: Obtenebration: Arms of the Abyss (int.) Psychic: Mind Shield: Knock-Knock (basic) Psychic: Mind Shield: Locked Out (basic) Psychic: Mind Shield: Mental Wall (int.) Psychic: Mind Shield: I Hear You Knocking (int.) Psychic: Mind Shield: Deadbolt (adv.) Psychic: Telekinesis: Nudge (basic) Psychic: Telekinesis: Fling (basic) Psychic: Telekinesis: Phantom Arm (int.) Psychic: Telekinesis: Hidden Forces (int.) Psychic: Telekinesis: Psychic Levitation (adv.)

13 Backgrounds: OOO Allies x3 OOOOO Destiny x5 OOOOO Resources x5

13 Influences: Bureaucracy x5 Finance x5 Media x3

Merits: Approachable (1) Ghoul (5) Kinfolk (3) Learn Other Disciplines (3) Psychic Awareness (3) Soothing Voice (2)

Flaws: Potent Blood (3) Shy (1) Soft-Hearted (1-2)

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