Name: MEM
Alters: Mica whiteEagle
Character Type: Mystic
Motivation:Responsibility of Power
Occupation: Nightclub Owner/Healer
Legal Status: Navaho Indian
Wealth: 15
Savings: $608,000.00
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 60lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue (L) Green (R)
Build: Slender
Disposition: Serious
Bloodtype: A-
Place of Birth: Chinle, Arizona
Date of Birth: Febuary 12,
Group Affiliation: Under The Sun
Base of Operations: Phoenix, Arizona
Race: HomoMagi
Marital Status: Single
Marriage Date: N/A
Known Relatives: Bobby SnowEagle (Grandfather)
Romantic Interest: None
Sexual Orientation: none
Handedness: Right
Date Created: 12/6/1996

Known Powers:
Mica has the ability to control the shadows of others, turning them into 3-d forms with all the powers and abilities of their owner. She is also an acomplished potion maker as well as being a minor magician.

Known Advantages:
Mica has connections everywhere. She is known and highly regarded amount the Medical community, the Mystical Community as well the Social Elite.

Known Disadvantages:
Mica is parapeligic and requires a wheelchair to move or a strong helper.

Mica was critical injured in an accident when she was 6yrs old. that same accident killed her parents and older brother. She was raised by her grandfather until she won a scholorship to study abroad in Paris. She made the most of her time overseas. She spent as much time forging connections with the wealthy students as she did on her school work. By the time she graduated she had made connections on almost every level of society, from the wealthy heirs and heiress' to the working class to the white collor workers to the medical and mystic community. She returned to Arizona and with help from her friends created a Mystic bar to be joined in the loop of the others. Soon "Under the Sun" joined "Anything and Everything" of NYC, and "The Lamppost" of Paris. Several uneventful years passes and one day she just disappeared for several months. When she returned her hair was a lighter shade and her eyes had changed from brown to the odd blue and green. She also returned with a Werewolf and the ability to control shadows.