Name: Alchemy

Alter: London Scott, Gweneviev Prescott



Occupation: Queen of Canada, International Business Mogul

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 120

Hair: Black w/hints of red and gold

Eyes: Gold ringed by crustal blue ringed by dark blue

Build: Curves


Race: Atlantean Noble/Human

Gender: Female

Bloodtype: O-

Orientation: Straight with a serious side of Kink

Handedness: Right

Nationality: English

Date of Birth: Sometime 1600’s

Place of Origin: London, England

Group Affiliation:

Base of Operations: Ontario, Canada

Legal Status: Canadian Citizen

Marital Status: Currently Single, married many times

Romantic Interest: Theodore Morris (current) (too many others to list)

Marriage Date: many times

Known Relatives: Lots

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