Name: Lilith “Lily” Vega

Created: 06/2017



Height: 5’9”


Hair: Auburn

Eyes:  Green

Skin: lightly tanned w/freakles

Race: Magi/Fae/Demon

Build: Slender

Personality:  Bubbly curious

Gender: Female

Blood type:

Orientation: Fun

Handedness: Left

Nationality: Spanish/French

Date of Birth: unknown

Place of Origin: Unknown

Group Affiliation: The Lost Generation

Base of Operations: The Cradle

Legal Status: Unknown

Marital Status: Single

Romantic Interest: Maho

Known Relatives: Unknown

Short Bio:  Not much is known about Lily yet, she was a part of the Lost Generation stolen by the Child Thief and held until recent upheavals disrupted his magic and forced the children into the world. Lily and Maho somehow found themselves in the castle in the center of the sun and have been laying low till someone rescues them or something more nefarious occurs.

Lily is a bright and cheerful young woman. Though she can have an intensity to her gaze that can be unsettling to those familiar with certain families.

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