Name: Last Shot

Alter: Billy Masters

Player: Jarrod

Created: Long while ago

Motivation: Thrill of Nothing Better going on.

Occupation: Dimensional Destress Magnet

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 150lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Build: Asian

Personality: Jaded

Race: Japanese

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: Weird

Orientation: Hetero

Handedness: Right

Nationality: Japanese

Date of Birth: Umm, forgot

Place of Origin: Other Dimensional Japan

Group Affiliation: Which one?

Base of Operations: OH where do I start...

Legal Status: Legal, somewhere, sometime

Marital Status: Nope

Romantic Interest: Hrmm, lemme think

Marriage Date: Nope

Known Relatives:


DEX: 10

STR: 9

BOD: 9

INT: 9

WIL: 11

MIN: 9

INF: 13

AUR: 13

SPI: 13

Initiative: 46

Wealth: 11


Iron Will: 11*

Mind Blank: 9*

Postcognition: 9*

Superspeed: 10*

Skin Armor: 9*

Empathy: 9*

Telepathy: 9*

Invisibility: 10*

Enchantment: 13*(only usable on weapons wielded)

Telescopic Vision: 9*

Comprehend Languages: 9*

Dimensional Anchor: 13*(myslink)


Weaponry: 10*

Martial Artist: 10*

Charisma: 13*

Thief: 10*

Acrobatics: 10*(No diving)


Attractive, Sharp Eye, Iron Nerves, Scholar: Trick shots, Scholar: Hand Guns

Lucky, Misc: Advantage: John Woo Clips,(Always seems to have ammo, only after charging weapon with 

enchantment), Mystic Background, Prof in Rhythms of Life, Ambidexterity

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