Name: Lash

Wet gaze by shihodani-d2zt60y

Alter: Nathan Mir

Player: DJ (Canadian group)

Created: 1/20/16

Motivation: Responsibility of Power

Occupation: Former Burger Flipper

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190lbs (not including coils)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Build: Athletic/Muscular

Personality: Shy yet sponatneous

Bloodtype: O-

Gender: Male

Handedness: Both

Orientation: Hetero

DoB: 8/6/96

Place of Birth: Edmonton, Alberta

Group Affiliation: Former(CSDF), Paladin

Base of Operations: Vancouver Base

Legal Status: Canadian/American Citizen with complications

Martial Status: Pranked/Single

Romantic Interest: Cynthia Mallard

Marriage Date: Prank: 7/5/16

Known Relatives: Mother (Gloria Mir), Cousin (Tiffany Mir)


DEX: 7

STR: 13

BOD: 13

INT: 7

WIL: 11

MIN: 7

INF: 7

AUR: 5

SPI: 7

Initiative: 32 (39 flying)



Claws: 16

Stretching: 5(Claws only)

Reflection/Deflection: 13* (Claws)

Telescopic Vision: 7*

Regeneration: 11*

Superspeed: 7*

Flight: 14**

Cell Rot: 13*(Only usable while enraged, see flaws)


Targeting: 11

Acrobatics: 7*

Charisma: 7*

Vehicles: 7* (No space -yet)

Gadgetry: 7*

Scientist: 7*

Artist: 7* (Dancer, Writer)


Ambidexterity, Attractive, Lightning Reflexes, Sharp Eye, 

Scholars: Bullwhips, Bondage

Reflex Reaction: using R/D to block aggressive projectiles



Arch Enemy x4, Mistust, Public ID, Age: young (19 years)

Serious Mannerism: Shy, Minor Hatred: Bullies

Serious Attraction: Weird Submissive Women, Serious Attraction: Athletic, Confident women.

Minor Attraction: Japanese Horror Anime/Hentai, Minor Mannerism: Overly Chivalrous

Serious Berserk Rage: (Triggered by harming family or close friends)

-Misc: Beserk +2 cs to all Stats and powers while enraged.  Only those considered closest

of confidants safe.  Activates Cell Rot as energy rings on coils(claws)

Serious Hatred: -Thule society-, Catastrophic Hatred: Gretchen Mallard

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