Name: Labyrinth            Alter: Kirk Kizzam NPC: Midas' Shadow

Dex: 9            Str: 5            Body: 6 Int:13            Mind:13            Mind: 11 Inf:11            Aura:13            Spirit:13 Initiative: 48            Wealth: 16

SKILLS  Occultist: 11*  Scientist: 13* Gadgetry: 13* Charisma: 11* Detective: 13* Medicine: 13*

POWERS Recall: 13  Superspeed: 13(Mental Link) Transmutation: 26**  Energy Manipulation:26**  Precognition: 13*  Two Dimensional: 13* 

ADVANTAGES: Attractive, Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Genius, Scholar: Biomanipulation Scholar: Techno Organics, Mystic Background, Leadership

DISADVANTAGES: Mistrust, Arch Enemy x6, Authority Figure, Dark Secret: Runs' B'lial.  Cata Hatred: Midas(Rick Mazzick) Serious Attraction: Learning Immortality Magic Serious Fear: Being destroyed by Midas Catastrophic Attraction: Proving he's smarter then Midas Serious Attraction: Banishing All Immortals from Earth. Serious Fear: Deep Space.

Motivation: Powerlust        Gender: Male Appearance: Negative reflection of Midas.

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