Name: Kerry Williams


Apparant Age: 17
Legal Status: US Citizen
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150
Wealth: 7
Savings: 5K
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: green
Build: lush
Bloodtype: O+
Disposition: serious
Place of Business: New Orleans Vampire Night Club
Job: Night Club Owner
Base of Operations: School for the Gifted
Date of Birth: November 14, 1987
Place of Birth:Spokane
Character Type: Mutant/ ex-Vampire
Race: caucasian
Marital Status: single
Marriage Date: n/a
Known Relatives: None
Romantic Interest: Rick Mazzick (Patrick)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Handedness: Right
Groups Affiliation: None

"Hot" by Avril

Dex: 11
Str: 9
Body: 11
Int: 9
Will: 11
Mind: 7
Infl: 12
Aura: 12
Spirit: 7
Initiative: 34
Wealth: 3

Awareness: 12*
Broadcast Empath 11*
Empathy 11*
Mind Blank 7*
Sprit Travel 3
Remote Sensing 18**
Regeneration 11*
Teleportation 11*
Extended Hearing 8
Invulnerability 11*
Memory Manipulation 11

Acrobatics (gymnastics) 11*
Chrisma(Interr, Persuas) 12*
Detective 9*
Martial Artist 11*
Medicine (first aid) 9*
Scientist 9*

Area Knowledge: Neighborhood [10],
Attractive [15],
Gift of Gab [20],
Insta-change [5],
Leadership [25],
Popularity [20]

Arch Enemy x4,
Age: Young,
Secreat Identity,
Catostrophic Irrational Fear (not being good enough),
Catastrophic Irrational Attraction (bad boys),
Catastrophic Irrational Hatred (stupidity),
Catastrophic Irrational Fear (rejection),
Authority Figure.

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