Kamilah Isrek

Blood Elf Warlock Lvl: 6(7) Lvl 5 Sorceror(Conjuror)/lvl 1 Warlock Alignment: Neutral Evil

Str:14 +2 Dex:18 +4 Con:16 +3 Int:18 +4 Wis:16 +3 Cha:18 +4 Com:22

HD: 6d4+18 HP: 34 Fort: 2+3=5 Ref: 2+4=6 Will: 7+3=10 AC:18= 10+2+4+2 Base Attack: +2(+4)

Feats/racial abilities Conjuration specialization: Lose access to schools of magic Divination and Necromancy schools. gain 1 bonus spell each level from Conjuration school. Double this benefit if Caster is warlock. Arcane Ability: 4 0lvl Arcane spells daily caster affinity: Casts arcane magic as if 1 lvl higher Fel Affinity: Access warlock spell list with any arcane class, Bloodelf warlocks may once perday use Extend Spell or Empower spell Feat for free without preparation on any warlock spell. +2 racial bonus on all Concetration and Knowledge Arcana skillchecks and these skills are always concidered class skills for Blood Elves. Imp companion Combat Casting Scribe Scroll Empower Spell *cast spell as if two slots higher to add half again die bonus to effects, or half again casterbonus to effect.*

Skills: Bluff: 5+4=9 Concentration: 6+3=9 Craft: 4+4=8 Diplomacy: 4+4=8 Knowledge Arcana: 5+4+2=11 Knowledge Demons: 4+4=8 Intimidate: 3+4=7 Profession: Spellcraft: 4+4+2=10 Ride*: 2+4=6 Spot*: 2+3=5 Listen*: 2+3=5

Gear: Runecloth Casting robes +2 Armor +5 dex Ring of Prot +2 +1 Dagger of Spell Storing

Brief summary: warlocks specialize in summoning demonic allies to do their dirty work, while they have access to the class spells they had before becoming a warlock, they much prefer to allows their summoned minions bear the brunt of battle, while smashing their foes and sometimes their minions with horrific Fel powered magics. The spell Flame Strike when cast by a warlock inflicts half of it's Damage with Fel Fire, negating any resistance to fire the target may have by that energy. So if someone had Flame Resist 10, and the warlock delivered 22 points of damage to the target, only half that fire resist would count, causing the target to take 17points of damage instead of 12.

Spells Known/Levels Knows spells as a 6th level sorceror, with no access to necromancy or divination spells, and knows two extra Conjuration spells per level, if applicable. Also recieved 2 bonus castings per level from the conjuration school. ((Use spells as per PHB and I will augment the list with spells from Warcraft when I have more energy to type))

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