Name: Jullian Lucien            


Alter: Accelerant Player: DJ              

Created: sometime

Motivation: Seeking Justice/unwanted Power  

Occupation: Time Traveler

Height: 6'0"                

Weight: 160lbs

Hair: Reddish blonde          

Eyes: Left Blue, Right green

Build: Thin/muscular upper      

Personality: Flirty/Serious

Handedness: Right            

Gender: Male Bloodtype: O-              

Orientation: Hetero

Race: Caucasion Pyschic Elemental  

Apparent Age: 25ish

DOB: Future                

Place of Origin: Future

Dex: 4            Str: 2            Body: 4

Int: 7            Will:9            Mind: 9

Inf: 7            Aura:7            Spirit: 7

Inititive: 20            Wealth: 11


Telepathy: 14**  Mind Probe: 14** Hypnotism: 14**  Control: 14**  Mind Blast: 18** Mental Illusion: 18** Mind Freeze: 14** Mind Field: 18** (can attack thru)

Flame Project: 9* Flame Control: 18** Flame Immunity: 18**(menlink) Pyrotechnics: 9* SL Flame Being: 18**


Artist:7* (Actor, Sculpt, Write) Medicine: 7*(first aid) Acrobatics: 8  Charisma: 7* Detective: 7* Gadgetry: 7*


Attractive, Lightning Reflexes, Sharp Eye, Iron Nerves, Genius, Gadget: Hoverchair: Body 13, Air walking:6, Running 5, Force Field: 9 Radio Com: 8, Sealed Systems: 10 Rich Family/Friends, Sp.Advantage: Immune to Emotion Altering and Sensing.


Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Dark Secret, Cata Phys Limitation: Parapalegic without Flame Being active, Msc: Cannot access psi abilities while burning. vice versa. Serious attraction: Raven haired psychic women. Minor attraction: Redhaired athletic women. Cata Attraction: 5'7" 140lbs curvy brunettes who attractively display their "assets" Minor Hatred: Government training facilities. Serious Hatred: Schools for powered youths. Cata Mannerism: Avoids contact with parents as much as possible.

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