Created: 7/20/15

Dex: 7 Str: 4 Body: 8

Int: 9 Will:7 Mind: 7

Inf: 9 Aura:13 Spir: 9

Initiative: 25 Wealth:

POWERS ------------------------------------------------------- SKILLS

(ML)Telekinesis:13* --------------------------------------- Occultist: 9*

(ML)ForceManip: 13* -------------------------------------- Weaponry:7*(Melee,Exotic)

(ML)Pyrotechnics:9* ----------------------------------------- Charisma: 9*

Force Field:(per,can attack) 8* ---------------------------- Thief:(Stealth)7*

Awareness: 9* ------------------------------------------------ Artist:(Writer) 9*


Mystic Background, Iron Nerves, Prof RoL, Gift of Gab, Attractive,

Ritual Disc: Evocation.


Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Misc: Awkward(Unused to Size)

Age: Young, Public ID, Serious Psych(Mental arguments, Glim,Book, staff in head)

Uncontrollable Alter Ego(Glim), Serious Attraction: Cloaks and Capes

Serious AHtred: Boredom, Misc: Beacon of Magic

Magicians Code:Triggers Alter if someone calls upon it.

Minor Fear: Overzealous Religious Types

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