alter ego: aka Ameena (She who lives)
motivation: Responsibility of Power


wealth: 16
Occupation: Dancer
Savings: 5K
Place of Business:
Base of Operation: Paris
Date of Birth: Unkown
Place of Birth: Somewhere in Tautrus
Character type: Diablian
Romantic Interest: None (Jared Hellsfire)
Group Affiliation: None
Handedness: Ambidexterous
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Disposition: Serene
Age: Unknown but appears in her twenties
Blood Type: Diablian something or other
Cash On Hand: 500
Identity: Public
Race: Diablian
Marital Status: Single
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi


"21 Things I want in a Lover" Alanis Morrisette
"You took Advantage of me" Carmen McRae
"Why don't you do right" Peggy Lee

Attributes: Edit

Dextarity: 7
Strength: 13
Body: 11
Intelegence: 7
Will: 7
Mind: 5
Influence: 11
Aura: 11
Spirit: 5

Inititive: 27 Edit

Powers: Edit

Skin Armor: 11
Energy Blast: 12
Flame Immunity: 11
Claws: 7
Extra Limb x3 (Wings, Tail): 13
Regeneration: 7
Infravision: 7
Detect LIfe (Diablians): 14

Skills: Edit

Acrobatics: (all but Climbing): 7
Artist (Dancer, Singer): 11
Charisma (persuation, seduction): 11
Detective (Diablian Law): 7
Martial Artist: 7
Occultist: 11
Survival (Urban): 7

Advantages: Edit

Gift of Gab
Lightning Reflexes
Proficient in the Rhythems of Life
Prehensile Feet
Mystic Background
Scolar: Arial Combat

Disadvantage: Edit

Arch Enemy x4
Authority Figure
Controllable Alter Ego (Human w/tail)
Cat Beserk Rage: Friends or Family in Danger
Public Identity
Dark Secret: Azmodius' Sister
Exile: Involuntary
Hunted: Minor
Strange Appearance
Cat Sexual Attraction: Diablian Male Nobles whom are not Immediate Family
Cat Sexual Attraction: Strong men of noble baring
Cat Mannerism: Courtly Manners
Minor Physical Restriction: Allergy Sunlight -1 CS all actions while eyes unprotected in sunlight
Attack Vulnerability Bright Light based Powers -3 CS