Name: High Templar            Alter: Axel Turnbow Player: NPC

Dex: 13            Str: 16            Body:16 Int: 7            Will:11            Mind: 9 Inf: 9            Aura: 9            Spirit: 11 Initiative: 45                Wealth: 13

POWERS                        SKILLS Kinetic Absorbtion:16*                Military Science: 7* Telekinesis: 18                    Weaponry: 13* Danger Sense:14**(High council Members)        Martial Artist:10 Life Sense: 18** (Council Members)        Charisma: 9* Superspeed: 13*                    Detective: 7* Ultra Vision: 7*                Occultist: 9* (OcKno,IDart) Vampirism: 16*                        Survival: 7*                                 Vehicles: 7*                         Medicine: 7*

ADVANTAGES: Attractive, Sharp Eye, Iron Nerves, Lighting Reflexes, Scholar: Bodyguarding. Ambidexterous, Reflex Reaction: TK Tether to weapon Longevity, Immunity to darkstone

DISADVANTAGES: Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Secret ID, Minor Hatred: House Tepis Serious Attraction: Destroying the Darkstone Armor Catastrophic Mannerism: Following orders of Calicao Serious Rage: If charge is injured, Serious Fear: Savatage or other powerful necromancers.

Motivation: Upholding the good            Gender: Male Height: 6'0"                    Weight: 190lbs Hair: Blond                    Eyes: Brown Build: Toned and fit                Disposition: Serious/Observant Race: True Vampire halfbreed            Bloodtype: Complicated Date of Birth: Classified            Place of Birth: Classified Group Affiliation: Magic Council        Base of Operations: Varies Known Relatives: Classified (Niko Tepis and unknown mother) Romantic Interest: Calicao            Orientation: Hetero

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