body 8/ mind 8/ soul 8/ hit points 80 energy points 80/ attack value 9/ defense value 7/ initiative 9

flaws are intolerance 1pt oathbreakers watched 1pt marked 2pt angel attack restriction 2pt loved ones

attributes are thus appearance 6/ art of distraction 6/ combat mastery 1/ divine relationship 6/ heightened awareness 2/ divine power 6/ heightened power 2

powers forecfield lvl 5 -uses energy 5 energy a round-offensive,when people hit it they take 50 dmg-it stop 75dmg total/ divine sword lvl 6 -armor piercing-burning,does 6dmg a round for 5 rounds- it does 69dmg/healing lvl 6 battle costume lvl 2-you can change clothes into any type it stops 10dmg/features lvl 1 your wings/ flight lvl 2 helicopter speed 200kph/light armor lvl 6 -stops 30 dmg/movement lvl 1 perfect ballance/ sixth sense lvl 2 -detec

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