Name: Grifter

Alter: Frederick Mancinni, Jr

Created: 06/2017


Occupation: Street Hustler

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 220

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Skin: tanned

Race: Mutant/Elemental

Build: Muscular

Personality: Outgoing

Gender: Male

Blood type: B-

Orientation: He likes girls

Handedness:  Left

Nationality: Italian?

Date of Birth: unknown

Place of Origin: Unknown

Group Affiliation: The Lost Generation

Base of Operations: The Cradle

Legal Status: unknown Minor

Marital Status: Single

Romantic Interest: N/A

Known Relatives: Raskel (twin sister)

Short Bio:  Little is known yet about Grifter, he’s been encountered hustling cards along the strip in Atlantic city.

Grifter looks the typical street hustler, other than he washes regularly so the only thing oily about him is his personality. He dresses in the old fashioned pin striped suits when he can. He wears his black hair short and trimmed, clean shaven with the darker Mediterranean features and hazel eyes that tend to verge into the bright blues and greens than the brown and green

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