Name: Glim

Alter: The Cloak

Player: Jarrod

Created: 7/21/15

Dex: 8

Str:  3

Body:  9

Int: 12

Will: 11

Mind: 11

Inf: 13

Aura: 16

Spir: 16

Initiative: 45



Sorcery: 16*

(ML)TK: 16*

(ML)Force Manip: 16*

Awareness: 13*

Magic Sense: 13*

Comp Languages:12*


Occultist: 13*

Weaponry: 8*

CharismaL 13*

Military Science: 12*


Mystic Background, Steady Hands, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Nerves,

Ritual Disc: Evocation, Scholar: Artifacts

Staff of Magi: Body [20] Pyro: 15, Energy Blast: 15, Teleport 15

Force Shield: 15  AV: 7  EV: 9

Book of Spells: Body [20] Superspeed:10 (init and reflexes only)

Spirit: 20 (soaking sorc only)

Split: 1(Replicates any one sorc effect a turn)


Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Uncontrolable Alter Ego:Kid at school

Minor physical Limitation: Short, 

Serious Mannerism: Acting less intellegent then actually is

Cata Hatred: being Bored, Cata Attraction: Causing Chaos

Serious Attraction: Showing off Magical prowess

Minor Fear: Force of Order.

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