Alter: Giselle

Player: Kennidee (guardian)

Created: 2/10/16

Motivation: Thrill of Adventure

Occupation: Gypsy

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140ish

Hair: Red

Eyes: Amber (Violet when Draining)

Build: Volumptuous

Personality: Underhanded

Race: Complicated

Gender: Very Female (I mean, Look at all this!)

Bloodtype: Rarely Seen

Orientation: Experimentive

Handedness: Right

Nationality: Romani

Date of Birth:

Place of Origin: Prague

Group Affiliation: The Guardians

Base of Operations: The Mount

Legal Status: Rarely Legal

Marital Status: Never Officially

Romantic Interest: Nice watch, care for a reading?

Marriage Date:

Known Relatives: Mother (Amber Rose), Father (Rabid)

DEX: 9 STR: 5 BOD: 10

INT: 9 WIL: 10 MIN: 9

INF: 11 AUR: 11 SPI: 9

Initiative: 31 Wealth:


Illusion:22**(Tarot Monsters)Myslink

Remote Sensing:10* (needs focus)

Emotion Drain: 10*(dx/str/bod)

Aura of Enticement: 11*

Projectile Weapons: 10**(thrown)

AS/TS: 9*

Skin Armor: 9*

Warp: 9* (Cards)

Awareness: 11*

Invulnerability: 10* (All 3 to Pos)

Comprehend Languages: 9*


Occultist: 11*

Charisma: 11*

THief: 9*

Weaponry: 9* (Melee, Exotic)

Artist: 11*

Animal Handle: 6*(hl)


Attractive, Gift of Gab, Iron Nerves, Sharp Eye, Lightning Reflexes, Scholar: Pick Pocket, Premonition

Mystic Background, Proficient in the Rhythms of Life


Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Public ID, Dark Secret: Heritage (Amber/Rabid)

Age: Young (17), Serious Psych: Addictive Personality, Misc: Guardian Bond

Cata Mannerism: Making Tarot Cards, Serious Attraction: Finding Destiny

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