Name: The Gentleman (Ringmaster)

Alter: John Doe (Lewis Drake)

Player: Jarrod

Created: Really complicated

Motivation: Thrill of Adventure

Occupation: Superhero

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 170lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Build: Creepy Thin man

Personality: Smarmy

Race: Gentlemanly

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: Dignified

Orientation: Hetero

Handedness: Left

Nationality: Unknown

Date of Birth: Complicated

Place of Origin: Shhh it's a secret

Group Affiliation: CSDF (Formerly Terrordrome Circus)

Base of Operations: Vancouverish BC

Legal Status: Oh jeeze you would ask that.

Marital Status: No alimony please

Romantic Interest: Look at the powers and ask that question again.

Marriage Date: Nothing provable

Known Relatives: Unidentified son with Periwinkle (Shadow)


DEX: 3

STR: 2

BOD: 4

INT: 13

WIL: 11

MIN: 11

INF: 9

AUR: 9

SPI: 9

Initiative: 25

Wealth: Bag of Holding filled with ancient gems and coin


Broacast Empathy: 13*

Empathy: 13*

Telepathy: 13*

Mind Probe: 7*(hl)

Sonic Beam: 16 (Serious Burnout)

Aura of Attention: 9*

Super Ventriloquism: 13*

Mind Blank: 11*

Mind Field: 11* (Can attack through)

Mental Illusion: 11*

Life Sense: 13* (Active Minds)


Charisma: 9*

Martial Artist: 7

Acrobatics: 5 (Dodge)

Military Science: 13* (No Demolitions)


Gift of Gab, Attractive, Iron Nerves

Artifact: Sword Cane [Body]:16 AV: 9 EV: 9 Air Walking: 4 Weaponry: 8

Artifact: Top Hat [Body]: 12 Chameleon: 10 (must have headgear on in some manner)

Body Armor: {[Body]}: 12 Invuln: 10 (limited charge) Mind Field: 10(Can attack through)

Teleport: 12 (Cata burnout).


Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Secret ID, Cata Psych Instability: Psychotic, Traumatic Flashbacks

Guilt, Serious Hatred: Being Interrupted, Catastrophic Fear: Losing Voice again

Serious attraction: Being the center of attention, Serious Berserk Rage: When Interrupted

Serious Hunted: Assassin's Guild

Amnesia, Misc: Quest Shadow

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