Name: Emprint                Alter: Paulette Rosetti Player: NPC (Centerpointe)        

Dex: 7            Str: 6            Body: 10 Int: 12            Will:16            Mind: 13 Inf: 10            Aura: 10        Spirit: 13 Initiative: 31            Wealth: 12

POWERS                    SKILLS Magic Sense: 10*            Occultist: 10* Hypnotism: 12*                Charisma: 10* Power Drain: 13*            Scientist: 12* Adaptation: 16*                Detective: 12*     Recall: 12*                Martial Artist: 9 Dispersal: 16*                Medicine: 12*

Notes: Powerdrain only works on artifacts and spirits. Adaptation only emmulates Artifact powers Emprint has encountered before and drained.

ADVANTAGES Attractive, Steady Hands, Gift of Gab, Iron Nerves, Rich Family/Friends Mystic Background, Ritual Discipline: Necromancy

DISADVANTAGES: Authority Figure, Mistrust, Arch Enemy x4 Traumatic Flashbacks:(Torture at hands of B'lial) Serious Attraction: Seducing impressionable young people Catastrophic Attraction: Collecting Artifacts for Power. Serious Fear: Losing control of Protege` Catastrophic Attraction: Stealing away Latter's Rosary Minor Fear: Diablians, Secret Id Dark Secret: Working with B'lial. Ward: Currently missing.

Motivation: Powerhungry            Gender: Female HT: 5'6" (10" in heels)      Wt: 126lbs Hr: raven black             Eyes: pale blue Build: Curvy and full         Personality: Cool, Calculating Race: Caucation            Character Type: Vampire Noble (ShadowHouse) Place of Birth: Italy        Orientation: Bi Sexual

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