Name: Dramatic
Alter: Preston Hollis
Player: DJ
Created: 1/30/16

Dex: 5
Str: 3
Body: 5
Int: 7
Will: 9
Mind: 9
Inf: 10
Aur: 7

Initiative: 22
Wealth: 13

Comprehend Languages: 7*
Chameleon: 11
Mind Blank: 9*
Mental Illusion:(Psychic Probing only) 9*
Mind Probe:(no range) 10

Artist:(actor, musician)10*
Medicin:(No surgery) 7*
Charisma: 10*
Weaponry: 7
Occultist: 10*(No preminition)

Attractive, Gift of Gab, Conniseure, Iron Nerves, Eidetic Memory Ambidexterity(limited), Scholar: Method Acting, Accents, Sneak Attacks Expansive HQ, Omni Connection. Spell: DeathScene: Ivulnerability, Suspension, Regen: 10 (Comes out of Suspension prior to embalming, cremation, Burial)

Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Secret ID, Guilt, Traumatic Flashbacks Catastrophic Attraction: Perfecting the Persona he's in Serious Attraction: Challenging Roles, Serious Mannerism: Researching up and coming performers Serious Psychological Instability: Multiple Personalities Minor Psych: Deathwish

Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Occupation: Body Double/Actor
Height: 6'1 (Varies)
Weight: 170lbs (varies)
Hair: Brown (Varies)
Eyes: Hazel (Varies)
Build: Lanky (varies)
Personality: Varies
Race: Unknown
Gender: Originally male
Bloodtype: Varies
Orientation: Varies w/persona
Handedness: varies w/persona
Romantic Interest: Varies w/persona
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin:
Group Affiliation:
Base of Operations:
Legal Status:
Marital Status: Varies
Marriage Date: Varies
Known Relatives:
Cash on Hand: Varies
Savings: Substantial

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