Name: Director Pointe          

Alter: Allistaire Braxxon Player: DJ              

Created: Sometime ago

Motivation: Anti Hero Response of power

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"             

Weight: 195lbs

Hair: Reddish black            Eyes: dark green              

Build: wiry              

Disposition: Calm and Charming

Blood Type: Fresh 

Orientation: Hetero

Race: Turned Vampire          

Handedness: Right

Date of birth: Long ass time ago    

Place of Birth: Confidential

Group Affiliation: Centerpointe      

Base of Operations: Baton Rouge, LA

Romantic Interests: Jaycee Chase/anyone while she's busy.

Dex: 7            Str: 3            Body: 7

Int: 11            Will:13            Mind: 13

Inf: 13            Aura:16            Spirit:13

Initiative: 31                Wealth:18

POWERS  Telekinesis:16*(ML) Control: 11*  Telepathy: 11*   Broadcast Empathy: 11*  Mind Probe:11*  Vampirism: 7* Attract/Repulse: 16*(ML)

SKILLS Occultist: 13* Charisma: 13* Detective: 11* Scientist:(research/Following plans)11* Military Science:11* Medicine: 11*

ADVANTAGES: Attractive, Gift of Gab, Connesieur, Longevity, Ritual Disc: Thaumaturgy Iron Nerves, Scholar: Politics, Host of Blood Magic rituals and spells. Mystic Background, Scholar: Seduction.

DISADVANTAGES: Arche Enemy x4, Mistrust, Authority Figure, Dark Secret: Hiding from Sakar and some euro vampires.  Serious Hatred: Chaotic/Anarch tendencies in Society Serious Attraction: Attracive Single women with Style.   Cata Attraction: Sexy bad girls who need discipline. Serious Attraction: Freeing the weave from the vatican and council. Serious fear: Dying alone and unprotected.

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