Name: Dart v.2            Alter: TBA Player: NPC

Dex:  11            Str:  7                Body: 11 Int:  9                Will: 11            Mind: 8 Inf:  9                Aura: 9                Spir: 9 Initiative: 31                Wealth:

POWERS:                    SKILLS Friction Control: 22**            Artist:(Act, Dance, Paint) 9* Mental Freeze:(aoe) 11*            Weaponry: (firearms,archery) 11* Air Walking: 11*            Acrobatics:11* Energy Absorbtion: 11*            Thief: 11* Dimensional Anchor: 11*            Military Science: 9* Kinetic Absorbtion: 11*            Charisma: 9* Danger Sense:(motion oriented)16

ADVANTAGES: Attractive, Gift of Gab, L. Reflexes, Iron Nerves, Scholar: Ballet, Gymnastics, Trajectories, Trick Shots Perfect Balance

DISADVANTAGES: Mistrust, Arch Enemy x4, Public ID, Dark Secret: Scatter's Sister, Serious Attraction: Dancing Serious Attraction: Serving Stefano Serious Fear: Angering Stefano, Cata Attraction: Anyone who can free her from Stefano Minor Attraction: Joining Russian Ballet Serious Attraction: Meeting/befriending Zephyr Minor Hatred: Scatter Serious Fear: Leaving Carnival, putting others in danger.

Motivation: Unwanted Power        Gender: Female Hair: Blond                Eyes: Blue Height: 5'8"                Weight: 125lbs Build: Toned                Disposition: A little loopy

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