Name: Compound                Alter: Lynn Robbins Player: NPC    

Dex: 10                Str: 4                Body: 6 Int:  7                Will:7                Mind: 7 Inf:  7                Aura:7                Spirit:5 Initiative: 26                Wealth: 7

POWERS                        SKILLS Telescopic Vision: 7*                Weaponry: (Ranged) 10* Projectile Weapons: 16(visual effect)        Acrobatics: 10* Cell Rot:(multi attack with PW) 13        Thief: (stealth)10* Jumping:8**                    Charisma: 7* Infra vision: 7*                Artist:(Actor) 7*

ADVANTAGES: Attractive, Lt Reflexes, Sharp Eye, Steady Hands, Popularity, Scholar: moving targets, Trick shots.  Insta Change

DISADVANTAGES: Arch Enemy x4, Secret ID, Serious Psyche: Amnesia Dark Secret: Holds a B'lial Artifact, Dark Secret: Sleeper Agent Serious Attraction: Playing role of hot vigilante Minor Fear: Losing peoples trust Cata Psyche: Turncoat given signal by handler. (Motivation changes: Will use Deadly force) Minor Attraction: Finding the other Artifact holders.

Motivation:Seeking Justice/Powerlust        Occupation: Child Star Height: 5'7 (6ft compound)            Weight: 120lbs Hair: Brown (Bone white)            Eyes: Hazel (white) Build: toned (volumptous)            Disposition: Chatty(Daring) Race: Mystic Altered Human            Gender: Female Bloodtype: A-                    Orientation: Hetero Date of Birth: 9/18/90                Place of Birth: San fran Group Affiliation: None                Base of Oper: San Fran Romantic Interest: None currently

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