Giovanni grandaughter (and wife) of Rudolpho Giovanni, past Primo Consigliare of the US, Grandchilde of Katrina Giovanni, past Burglione of the US. Now both passed. She was Dona of Kansas City and a consigliare in her own right, but has most recently taken a less active roll in family politics for her own studies.

Played by Sarah

Name: Catrina "Cat" Rosa Giovanni


Motivation: Survival Legal Status: US Citizen Age: Born in 1789 Height: 5’6” Weight: 145 Wealth: 17 Savings: several mill Hair Color: Venician Red Eye Color: Blue Build: curvatious Bloodtype: 0+ Disposition: studeous, old school. Place of Business: Kansas City, Mo Job: researcher Base of Operations: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Venice, Italy Character Type: Vampire Race: caucasian Known Relatives: Rudolpho Giovanni Romantic Interest: None known Sexual Orientation: Straight Marital Status: widowed Marriage Date:n/a Groups Affiliation: Handedness: Right

Appears 16 years old.

Attributes: Edit

Dextarity: 12
Strength: 9
Body: 9
Intelegence: 15
Will: 15
Mind: 7
Influence: 13
Aura: 10
Spirit: 7

Inititive: 34 Edit

Powers: Edit

Memory Manipulation:
Danger Sense(int):
Life Sense(will)
True Sight(will):

Skills: Edit

Charisma(Infl): 10
Animal Handling (Infl): 10
Detective (Clue Analysis Only)(Int): 15
Martial Artist(Dex): 10
Occultist (Infl): 15
Scientist (Int): 8
Weaponry (Firearms)(Dex): 8

Advantages: Edit

Connection High: Giovanni Family
No need to Eat, Drink, or Breathe
Mystic Background
Scholar: necromancy, thaumeturgy
Scholar: Giovanni Family Lore
Scholar: Vamparism, Kindred Lore
Scholar: Changer Lore
Scholar: Wraith Lore
Scholar: Camarilla Lore
Scholar: Languages: Arabic, French, Italian, Pongtonesse, Japaneeze, German, Greek, Cantoneese, Church Latin, Venitian
Scholar: Finance
Powerful Connection: High Level (Financial Industry)
Powerful Connection: High Level (Transportation Industry)
Powerful Connection: High Level (Media)
Powerful Connection: High Level (Yakuza and Tong .)
Gift of Gab

Disadvantage: Edit

Arch Enemy x4
Attack Vulnerability (Fire, -3 Column Shifts)
Derangment: Obsessive
Authority Figure
Public Identity
Strange Appearance
Cat Sexual Attraction (Male Attractive Unusual Giovanni)
Cat Fear: Direct Sunlight
Cat Fear: Sanctified Crosses (as in by a priest, the larger ones used by Priests in excersisms or in churches)
Loss Vulnerability: When in direct sunlight: Loose Physical Attributes

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