Name: Calicao              

Alter: Neersha Vhores

Player: NPC

Dex: 11            Str: 5            Body: 9

Int: 12            Will:12            Mind: 12

Inf: 16            Aura:19            Spirit:21

Initiative:41                Wealth: As Needed


Claws: 11*                

Shapchange: 12* (limited forms)     

AS/TS: 12*                

Sorcery: 19*                


Magic Sense: 16*          

Invulnerability: 9*          

Recall: 12*


Occultist: 16*

Charisma: 16*

Artist: 16*

Acrobatics: 11*

Medicine: 12*

Survival: 12*

Animal Handling: 8* (HL)


Attractive, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Nerves, Sharp Eye, Prof RoL Mystic Background, Longevity, Rich Family/Friends, Rit Disc: Lifemagic, Abjuration Wardings.  Innumerable spells, rituals and trinkets. Multiple Expansive Headquarters.


Secret Id, Dark Secret:One of Savatages' oldest living offspring. Authority Figure, Serious Hatred: Necromancy Minor Attraction: Stopping Savatage from succeeding in his goals Magicians' Code, Cata Mannerism: Playing cloak and dagger in mystic community Minor Attraction: Finding a successor, Dark Secret: Leads Council of Magic Serious Attraction: Appearing young and beautiful.

Motivation: Responsibility of Power  

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"              

Weight: 115lbs

Hair: Silver, black, tawny      

Eyes: Lavender

Build: Lithe/shapely          

Disposition: Mysterious and Determined

Race: Felinoid Seer (Germanic Tibetan heritage)

Date of Birth: over 800 years ago

Place of Birth: Unknown

Group Affiliation: High Magic Council

Base of Operations: Mobile constantly

Known Relatives: Numerous half siblings, Estranged Father (Savatage)

Romantic Interest: A distraction  

Orientation: Bi sexual

Legal Status: Unaffiliated with any soveriegn nation, most of the world has no clue she exists.

Handedness: Ambi

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