Name: Azmodeous
Alters: Azzy, Demonyx, Demon Knight


Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Occupation: Retired Rock Star
Legal Status: Approved Extra-dimensional Being, citizen
of the United States w/past criminal record.
Wealth: 125k$ a year or more.
Savings: Lots of green
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 250lbs
Hair: Long jet black
Eyes: Glowing red/no pupils
Build: Athletic/Gymnast 20ft wingspan.
Bloodtype: Non-human
Place of Birth: Realm of Tarterus
Date of Birth: Calenders just don't match up sorry
Group Affiliation: Gauntlet (3rd incarnation)
Base of Operations: Miami, Florida
Race: Diablian
Marital Status: Married


Marriage Date: Oct. 31, 2003
Known Relatives: Jazmin (sister)
Romantic Interest: ?
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Handedness: Right

Known Powers: Enhanced Strength (25,000 Tons)
Enhanced Durability and resistance to injury (Diamond hard skin)
Explosive kinetic Energy Blasts capable of destroying a reinforced bunker
Uncharted Regenerative properties.
Flight at supersonic speeds via wings on back.

Known Advantages: Attractive, Popularity, Gift of Gab, Mystic Background, Proficient in Rhythms of Life, Scholar: Aerial Combat, Scholar: Aerial Acrobatics Leadership

Known Disads: Hellfire Temper (Serious Rage), MPD (Alternate Personality: Demonyx), Authority Figure (Leader of Gauntlet, King of the Diablians) Inhuman appearance (wings, tail, horns, claws, elbow spikes) Married, Public Idenity.