Identity: Andi Jones
Motivation: Thrill of Adventure


Wealth: 7
Occupation: Weapons Designer/Kickboxer
Savings: 2K
Place of Business:
Base of Operations:
Date of Birth: Oct 24, 1985
Place of Birth: San Fransisco, Ca
Character Type: Mutant
Romantic Interest: Cardic Jones
Groups Affiliation: None
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 135
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: blue
Disposition: sarcastic
Age: 25
Blood Type: o +
Cash on Hand: $150
Race: caucasian
Marital Status: married to Cardiac Jones
Sex: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

Song Inspirations:
"Bitch" by Meridith Brooks
"Things I'll Never Say" Avril


Dextarity: 12
Strength: 7
Body: 11
Intelegence: 7
Will: 11
Mind: 7
Influence: 7
Aura: 10
Spirit: 5

Inititive: 28


Mind over Matter: 8 Restriction: power activation
Skin Armor: 11* Restriction: power activation, limited duration
Systemic Antidote: 11* Restriction: power activation, limited duration
Regeneration: 11* Restriction: power activation, limited duration
Shapechange 9* Limited forms
Claws 12


Acrobatics: 10
Gadgetry: 7
Scientist: 7
Martial Artist: 12
Military Science (Camo, Danger, Demo, Track): 7
Thief (Escape Artist, Locks, Security system, Stealth): 11
Weapondry (all but missiles): 11
Occult (Knowledge, Identify Artifact only): 7


Lightning Reflexes
Intensive Training
Iron Nerves
Sharp Eye
Steady Hands

Scholar: Kickboxing
Scholar: Mechanical Engineering
Scholar: Metal Etching


Arch Enemy x4
Secret Identity
Traumatic Flashbacks (Nightmares)
Serious Irrational Fear (Loving and not having it returned)
Catastrophic Irrational Attraction (Danger)
Catastrophic Mannerism (Code of Honor)
Minor Sexual Attraction (alpha male, warriors)
Minor Mannerism (Tactless)
Minor Mannerism (popping knuckles when upset)

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