Name: Alma Fuego 

Alter: Derringer

Created: 2014

Motivation: Thrill of Adventure

Occupation: Student

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 130

Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Eyes: Blue-Green

Skin: Light tan

Race: Homo-Magi, Elemental

Build: Lean muscular, puberty is waiting

Personality: Teenager

Gender: Female

Blood type: complicated

Orientation: Hetero?

Handedness: Left

Nationality: Mexican-American?

Date of Birth: Complicated

Place of Origin: Really Complicated

Group Affiliation: Morgan Brood

Base of Operations: Institute of Jeet Kun Do, NYC NY

Legal Status: Minor, US and Mexican Citizen with European Travel visa

Marital Status: Dads gonna kill someone

Romantic Interest: Aiden Kribb, R’x, Carter

Known Relatives: Summer Frost (mother), Jeffery Vega & Caleb Morgan (Fathers), Morgan brood, Vega Brood.

Short Bio:  The more Alma learns of her past the more questions she has. Alma was found on the doorstep of a Mexican orphanage presumably when she was about six years of age. The years she spent there help mold her into the slightly rebellious young woman she is today. The Sisters regularly called her tainted and demon-spawn to the point she began to subtly believe them. To the point she is insulted if someone doesn’t believe her claims of being demon born.

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