Alter: Adrianthia Sisteuf

Player: Kennidee

Created: 12/31/15

Motivation:Anti Hero Powerlust

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Height: 5’5”

Weight: Never ask a lady

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Build: Feminine

Personality: Cold, Calculating

Race: Lawdy don’t ask

Gender: Female seriously

Bloodtype: pickled

Orientation: Disinterested(unless triggered)

Handedness: Both

Nationality: French

Date of Birth:

Place of Origin: Paris, France

Group Affiliation: Assassin’s Guild

Base of Operations: In Transition

Legal Status: French National

Marital Status: Single

Romantic Interest: You live dangerously

Marriage Date:

Known Relatives; London Scott (Mother), Rory Essex (Father, Deceased??), Kevin Hart (Half Brother)

Santiago Essex (Twin brother, Deceased)

DEX:13 STR: 7 BOD: 9

INT: 9 WIL: 15 MIN: 11

INF: 11 AUR: 11 SPI: 9

Initiative: 48

Wealth: 16


Vampirism: 9*

Superspeed: 13*

True Sight: 9*

Recall: 9*

Empathy: 9*

Matter Manip: 15*(material/fabric only)

Projectile Weapons: 14**(Charging bonus)

Mind over Matter: 11*


Charisma: 11*

Artist: 11* (No Photography)

Weaponry: 13* (No Heavy)

Martial Artist: 13*

Thief: 13* (Stealth, Pick Pocket)

Military Science: 9* (Danger Recognition, Cartography)

Acrobatics: 7*(HL)


Attractive, Ambidexterity, Gift of Gab, Conneiseur, Sharp Eye, Lightning Reflexes, 

Scholar: Tailor, Blind Fighting, Two weapon fighting, Rich Friends/Family, Eidetic Memory

Longevity, No Need to Breathe, Servant (Day time operations), Scholar: ASL


Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Secret ID, Dark Secret: Lineage, Traumatic Flashbacks, Guilt

Fatal Vuln: Sunlight (0APS), Minor Rage, Minor Attraction: Pleasing Master, 

Serious Attraction: Obeying the Master, Catastrophic Fear: Being in presence of Master

Minor Psych instability: Being a conditioned Sub, Serious Mannerism: Perfectionist

Authority Figure (Guild), Serious Hunted (Guildies loyal to Sakar)

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